Monday, May 7, 2012

west coast inspiration

one of the many reasons i love to travel is exploring new places beyond the tourist attractions and famous landmarks. the hidden treasures are always so beautiful! dave and i were lucky enough to have this very opportunity while traveling out west for a wedding. destination temecula california. where we stayed in the most amazing house in the hills. it was beautiful - and even with all the celebrating - so peaceful!

this is where i spent my saturday, can't complain!

for the wedding we were in a tropical paradise surrounded by exotic flowers and a waterfall as the backdrop to the ceremony. no matter how you like to express your creative side, inspiration can be found everywhere! and to top it off at the reception they served cupcakes! love it!


  1. Totally jealous of where you got to spend your weekend... Beautiful, Cali! :) Even if it was a short trip and cost you a burn... I know it was well worth it! :)