Friday, May 4, 2012

a smashing friday

now that many of my friends are having little ones i am learning all about the baby trends. this information will definitely be helpful one day, but for this friday i want to focus on the sweet stuff!

have you heard of a smash cake? this is a relatively new concept to me. the idea is just as it sounds - make a cake - small version - for the birthday boy or girl to dig into, no fork or spoon needed. typically it is for the first couple of years, but if you think about it we have a similar tradition with wedding cake for those that opt into the "face smash" method.

now if you have ever had the chance to watch this fun activity it is pretty hysterical - the kids look so confused at first, "you want me to use my hands, really?!" (if they could talk of course) - and then it hits them and let the fun begin. icing and cake everywhere and nothing but smiles. plus the occasional older sibling or party guest who tries to sneak a hand into the cake to join the fun. simply fantastic, loving the smash cake!

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and check out this awesome smash cake my dear friend from charlotte made for her son owen! she has an amazing talent for theme parties, check out everything that she did on the Wanna-be Southern Belle's blog!
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here is a smash cake i made for harper's birthday - this was such a fun project and i can't wait to make another one!

have a great weekend!


  1. Love the smash cakes and cannot wait to see the next level that you take them too! :) I'm in AWWWWW with Harpers... how adorable! Oh and Melody did great too! xo

  2. This cake looked sooooooooo awesome. It was seriously unbelievable and delicious as well. I will admit to smashing it a bit with Harper. :)