Tuesday, May 1, 2012

bringing it back with bean town

hello friends! i am back from my "spring break" from blogging. i am jumping right back in with some window shopping from boston. a couple of weeks ago i had a very short trip to boston. it was a very busy two days, but i was able to snap some pictures on my walk to the event site early in the morning. unfortunately nothing was open yet, but these are all on my list to taste test next time i am in town.

cutest chocolate shop ever!

love the brick buildings - perfect spot to enjoy a cupcake and people watch

do you see that sign...no sugar, no carbs, no fat...no way! really wanted to test these out and see if they were good!
i love a good crepe! my mom use to make me crepes for breakfast - and since i was picky basically just a crepe with powdered sugar - and they were amazing. i would have loved to give this spot a try, but i am sure they aren't as good as my moms!

i did get a chance to get my sweet fix - one of my best friends from college, ali,  lives in boston and joined me for dinner. it was a night of delicious sushi, catching up, and lava cake. the cake was amazing but the real treat was catching up with ali!
note: for some silly reason we never took a picture together, but i did get a few pics during dinner of the lava cake
you can say we liked it!

all of these pictures are from my favorite street in boston, newbury street. growing up, my mom and i would take day trips to boston with one mission - newbury street. it was always a day full of shopping, eating and the best quality time together. i love going back and seeing what has stayed the same and what has changed. even when everything is closed this street is just beautiful to walk down and window shop!


  1. I have never been but Boston is a place I would love to go soon. Looks like you had fun! I have been meaning to let you know that everyone went nuts over the cupcakes and Smash cake at the party. They came out SO CUTE!! Really incredible. And also delicious obviously. Can't wait to eat another soon. Hopefully I got some good pictures but I took them on Lauren's camera so I will send some to you when I get them from her.

    1. Thank you Megan!!! That means so much to me! And you would love Boston, especially newbury street, have to add it to the travel list!

  2. SO MUCH FUN!!!! What a fantastic city, Boston is! And that lava looks yummy! :)