Wednesday, May 9, 2012

candy creation - something fishy

here is a step by step so you can make your own tootsie pop fish!

i always have a variety of fondant colors left over from other projects so i figured this would be a great opportunity to use them! have fun with the colors! you will also need some type of lollipops, i prefer tootsie pops because of their shape.

for the body of the fish i used wilton's 12 round frosting tip as my cutout. roll out the color of choice and cut out lots of circles.

now cut the circles in half.

you will also want to make your fins - three small triangles, lips - start with a small ball and then flatten and fold in half, eyes - two very small balls and tail - start with a rectangle and shape until you feel you have a tail shape.

before you work on the body i suggest attaching the tail, top fin, eyes, and lips. use just a small amount of water to make them stick.

now you can start working on the body with your scales. simply place the half circles on the lollipop in columns. you can make them close together or spread them out a bit - you could even use multiple colors - do what you think looks right!

then attach your side fins - use the scales as a marker to match them up on each side.

i used blue sugar to decorate the icing and create a water look. you could also use food coloring and make the icing blue. i hope you enjoy this fun project!

catch you later!


  1. Seriously amazing! There are no words.

  2. These were and are GENIUS!!! The look so pretty and perfect, but they taste as good as can be! I'm so lucky to have a cupcake maker like you in my life! Xo

  3. AHHH how genius is this!! Ok I am going to have to try this on some cupcakes soon! Or I could just ask you to make them for me again, which would probably turn out much better.... Fantastic job lady!