Tuesday, May 8, 2012


last night was our second bloggers night out - can you guess which charlotte restaurant we went to?

thank you lindsey for the awesome picture!

this is only our second official gathering and it turned into 3 hours of big ideas! we have so many exciting plans for the upcoming months so stay tuned. 

of course i brought cupcakes and decided to experiment with a new "summer" flavor - so i found a key lime cupcake recipe on bon appetit. the ladies seemed to like them, but i may need to try and tweak it a bit. if you want to try it out, the recipe can be found here. note, for the icing i did my standard cream cheese buttercream and added lime juice instead of vanilla (just kept adding until i liked the flavor).

so did you guess the restaurant? we went to one of my favorite restaurants in charlotte, cowfish! here are my cow and fish cupcakes to celebrate great new friends and lots of big ideas.

huge thank you to colleen from two delighted for all the fantastic pictures!


  1. oh so adorable!! You are so creative, i can't even stand it :) wish i could eat them through my computer!

  2. SO CUTE and SO DELICIOUS!!! Thank you again Nicola! You are just too talented for words!!

  3. I am OBSESSED with these. It may seriously be the cutest cupcakes I have ever seen. And delicious. I already ate mine for breakfast. Ooops. Can't wait for all of our future events. :)

  4. These were absolutely my favorite... that darn cow gets me every time! :)