Sunday, March 4, 2012

spring flowers

the warm weather and a new chocolate cake & chocolate icing recipe from my mom inspired me to make spring cupcakes. and what better way to celebrate spring than with a collection of flowers!

i also included information about how i made the roses and mini pink flowers.

      photo  photo
      using fondant (your color of choice), take a small ball and make into a square. i used a grilling skewer to create an indent on each side. then i used a silver ball for the center and wrapped the petals around until i got the shape i liked. very easy and make adorable mini flowers.
          photo photo
            first create a cone out of fondant (your color of choice) then start with a small "petal shape" and wrap it around the cone. continue to get a little bigger each time and continue to wrap around the cone and layer of petals. i kept an example of one i like in front of me to try and keep them the same size and number of petals. i also cut off the excess fondant on the bottom and added a couple of leaves as a finishing touch.

            note: i did all the flowers by hand and without tools (with the exception of a grilling skewer and knife for trimming). there are a ton of great tutorials out there and most seem to recommend Wilton supplies.

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