Friday, March 16, 2012

shipping out for the weekend

it is amazing that a box, small or large, can tell you so much about what treasures are inside. when i decided to purchase boxes in bulk it felt like a huge decision, i had to get it right. luckily i usually know exactly what i like and confirmed my top choice pretty quickly! meet the cup a dewdle dew box - it needs some dressing up but that is in the works.

help me fill these boxes :)

here are some other boxes that i love to see at my doorstep...

we all recognize that smile and love an amazon delivery - i would also like to say amazon prime is awesome, highly recommend it!

i just learned about erin condren this year and love all her designs and life planners. even her packaging is adorable!
image found here

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ladies no man can go wrong bringing one of these beauties home!
and my all time favorite box! above anything else i am so excited when a crate and barrel box is delivered to my attention.
lindsey regan thorne from be pretty teamed up with kristin vining photography for a crate and barrel themed post wedding shoot - which i of course loved. check out more of the story here
have a great weekend!


  1. I've always loved that box from those KV pictures as well! Love your blog lady!

  2. LOVE!!!! Oh girl the pink is PERFECT now put that big white Tiffany bow on top... love the white idea! :) So pretty and clean... and totally girly and girls love cupcakes so why not! :) Love watching you grow! xoxo