Sunday, March 18, 2012

candy creation - sail away

here is a fun and easy way to make colorful candy sailboats.

note: given the size of the candy i recommend using a mini cupcake, flavor of your choice.

start with the large version of swedish fish

sour patch fruits

cut the swedish fish in half and then cut the pointy side in half again. the cut sections will be sticky so you shouldn't need icing to connect. stick the top section together making sure to leave a space to create the sail. use a fruit slice for the base and stick on the sail. you may need icing to keep the sail and base connected. using blue icing or white icing with blue sprinkles cover the cupcakes for water. a fun and easy to make your cupcakes set sail.
 here is the result!


      1. STOP IT!!! You used my fav candies... Sweddie Fishies and SPK's!!! Love this idea... why haven't I tasted these?! ;) xo

      2. Look at this! So cute. You are so creative with these!