Monday, March 12, 2012

candy creation

i have been known to spend many hours standing in the candy aisle, picking up options, and figuring out how to make it all work. this is a fun challenge and allows me to experiment. it definitely doesn't always work as planned - but here is an example of one that i was very happy with the result.

using the following items...

      i made rubber duckys, which would be perfect for a bath time baby shower...
          i also used a casserole dish as a "bath tub" to serve them to my guests. photo
          how i made the ducks -
          1. first i made royal icing and added yellow food coloring to match the color of the lemonheads and lemon drops.
          2. attached all the lemonheads to the lemon drops to create the bodies and set aside to allow the icing to harden.
          3. i cut the orange chocolate covered sunflower seeds so they had a flat side for attaching. the candy shells will crack so make sure to use a very sharp knife.
          4. then with orange colored royal icing attached the sunflower seeds for beaks.
          5. final touch, black gel for eyes.
          6. use a blue tinted frosting of choice to make the water


        1. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.... why didn't I get to taste one of these... this is AMAZEnuts!!!! I love this Riccola... you are SO talented and creative!

        2. These are fabulous!!! Your one of those people that invent creativity. I just copy it! ha!! so adorable. How do you get the candies to glue together?