Wednesday, April 4, 2012

sweet moves

i received a request from a friend to make cupcakes for his girlfriend's birthday party...when i inquired about heather's (birthday girl) interests i learned she loves dance. she is a dancer herself and her favorite style is hip-hop, so a cupcake theme was established! here is my sweet interpretation of hip-hop...

my dancers taught me a lot about the world of fondant. 1. black fondant can be tricky at times, 2. remember the size of your surface, 3. always think through how it will stand...i really liked how the dancers turned out but they would be better for a cake with a full surface to rest on. unfortunately these moves didn't make it onto the cupcakes, but it was a great experiment!

definitely knew right away that i wanted brights colors that would pop!

one of the details - headphones added to the hip-hop theme


the happy birthday was my first experiment with edible spray paint. i thought it was fun and had a graffiti feel to it. and of course every birthday cake needs a candle to make a wish! i hope it comes true heather!


  1. dang girl! great job. Tim must've been so happy with them.

  2. Wow these are amazing! Fantastic job lady!

  3. Hippppity Hoopppity!!!! OH EM GEEEEE!!! I LOVE THIS ONE TOO! How adorable? Great job once again! You are killing the cupcakes, girlfriend!