Monday, April 9, 2012

a spring how to

on easter sunday we attended a brunch and i - of course - brought my signature dish. i wanted to bring something with a spring theme and was inspired while eating rolos to get through the end of the work week. here is a fun how to on spring flowers.

what you will need:
-oreos - i suggest double stuf
-fondant - if you don't feel like making your own i suggest duff fondant which can be found at michaels or online - check this post for more details
-cake pop sticks

step one: wrap your rolo (this is optional)
i wanted my rolos to look more like flower pots so by combining red and black fondant i was able to get a color i liked. you could skip this step and just have the rolo as a base
roll out a strip of fondant the width of a rolo and long enough to wrap around. make the fondant as thin as you can without tearing. then wrap around (pressing as you go) just to the point of overlap. cut off the excess. i didn't need any icing on the rolo to hold the fondant but if it won't stay that could help. i then rolled out a thin strip to wrap around the top to complete my flower pot.

step two: add some dirt
twist off one of the oreo cookies. i broke that cookie in half and rubbed together to make the crumbs in a separate bowl. then with a knife use the oreo "stuf" as your icing (you can also use regular icing). cover the top of the rolo and add the oreo crumbs.

step three: bloom
for the stem i used a cake pop stick and dyed it with green food coloring and cut to approximately an inch in length - however i would like to find an edible solution. i typically like my decorations to be 100% edible so i will be on the look out for something sweet to replace the stick.
i then created a bloom with a variety of spring colors. keep the flower simple. i suggest poking a hole into your bloom with the cake pop stick and then remove and add icing to help hold in place. once your flower is assembled stick into the rolo.
using green fondant make some leaves to rest on the dirt. use a little icing underneath to hold in place. 

and there you have it!


  1. Seriously! Is this for real???? How freaking ADORABLE, Ricolla! I'm in love! You make these itty bitty details look so easy... it takes talent to make it all look so perfect! Love what you do, sweets!

  2. This is seriously amazing. I forgot to tell you that I had a friend ask me the other day if you make cakes. She is looking for a smash cake for her daughter's first bday party. And then maybe some cupcakes to accompany. I wasn't sure but told her I would ask you. :)

  3. Oh my word these are adorable!! You are just so stinkin creative!
    Lindsey's right! It's all in the details! Time to open up your bakery girlfraaan! ;)

  4. Thank you girls!!!! You are my favorite taste testers :) Megan - absolutely, I would be happy to chat with your friend!! I love a good smash cake :)

  5. You have some serious talent when it comes to fondant!! So creative and gorgeous!!